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The Company

" all began when myself and my brother borrowed 100,000 liras from our mother for the first welding machine..."

Guido Faresin


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Like many successful companies, ours also sprang from a lucky intuition.
It was at the end of 1987: Guido Faresin, an inquisitive and attentive observer of the Italian production world, noted that the building sector suffered from a shortage of truly qualified manufacturers even though demand was growing.
He then decided to fill this gap personally by starting up a formwork production activity. This constituted a real entrepreneurial challenge in which Guido Faresin involved four other people: a designer, a clerk and two labourers. Would it be a winning bet?

The first encouraging signals arrived in March 1988 with the delivery of the first supply of Faresin-branded formwork, complete with the associated accessories. Exciting growth followed from this moment on: Guido Faresin's intuition and farsightedness, combined with the confidence and professionalism of his collaborators, gave life over twenty years to a little entrepreneurial miracle.

The key to success is the prompt and precise analysis of market demands with the consequent production of products and new technologies for providing concrete answers to builders' needs. Substantial investments in design and research allowed us over time to create a complete range of products that meet the specific needs of different markets with the launch of commercial policies aimed at constantly nourishing the internationalization process. In 2004, as confirmation of the seriousness and quality of the work carried out, our company achieved the prestigious certificate “Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000”.

Our headquarters has always remained where we started, firmly maintaining the founding values and the link with the territory. The executive, administrative, commercial and technical offices are still in Breganze (Vicenza) today. The area also hosts the despatch department, alongside the warehouse, and Italy's largest equipment rental park. Two other production poles, dedicated to the production and assembly of finished products, are also present just a few kilometres away.
The future is already round the corner: we are ready to move to a large new factory which will allow all the production departments to be brought together starting from 2012.
Today, we are proud to be able to present ourselves on the market as the leading Italian producer of formwork and systems for industrialized building and one of the top five at global level.

The link with the territory

Our company's spirit reflects that of our territory.
Our little town, Breganze, is in the heart of the Northeast in the province of Vicenza: a zone where, over time, the synergy between farming, building and engineering has created a tradition with a entrepreneurial vocation in the service of technical progress in every production environment.
Right from the beginning, Guido Faresin modelled the development of this company on the strong values of our land: that's why we have always pursued an economic policy aimed at exploiting collaboration with local business and contributing to the economic and social development of the area.
A wealth of culture and solidarity that makes the difference: thanks specifically to the synergies deeply rooted in the community we belong to, in fact, we have been able to emerge to the point of excelling on the international stage, confirming for the world the unique value of products that are exclusively “Made in Italy” and “Made in Veneto”.

The Team

One man, however ingenious and determined, cannot create a great company.
The results we have obtained are the fruit of the collaboration between all the people who work in the various positions in the company structure: we are united and focussed on a common goal, disposed towards mutual help, just like a winning team.
Every element plays a fundamental role and offers a unique and personal contribution: everyone is therefore equally indispensable and, as such, must be considered, appreciated and exploited. Internal agreement on the motivations and targets also extends to all the partners and stakeholders who support us in our projects. Dialogue and constructive comparison have allowed us in over twenty years to become an esteemed and successful business at international level, a positive example of Italian entrepreneurship which has also been successful in projecting itself abroad.
Our experience in countries on every continent has enriched us with differing and complementary points of view: a multicultural approach that is of extreme importance for knowledgeably tackling every new market we offer ourselves in, with the exploitation of the continuous exchange between the headquarters and international branches.

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